Sabtu, 26 November 2016

Finn Fancy Necromancy

The story opened with the homecoming of Finn, who was sentenced 25 years in exile (only his spirit, not his body) for a crime he didn't commit. But even then there were intruders that almost prevented him getting back to his own body. One thing lead to another, until he was facing a possibility of exile again. And now Finn only have 3 days to solve the mystery of why someone wanted him back in exile.

Not quite hit the mark for me. The story's good, but somehow I felt that it's missing something that made me want to read it till the end without stopping.

Rating: Yum Yum

Selasa, 15 November 2016

Year One: A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Collection

This title contains 4 superb short stories that can be read independently, but in my opinion it's better to read them according to the order. 
In this book we meet Quincy Harker, nephew of the original Vlad THE Dracula (a.k.a Uncle Luke), half-human, half-vampire, part-time sorcerer, and one bad-ass demon hunter. 
But the paranormal parade didn't stop there. There's also his guardian angel, Glory, legions of demons (and some angels), vampires, a fairy, and a witch. While from the human side there's Detective Rebecca Flynn and Rendsfield, his uncle's butler extraordinaire.
I really enjoy reading this book, although sometimes the goriness made me cringe. If you like mystery and paranormal stuff, this book is perfect for you.

Rating: 5 Yummy treats!
Format: Audiobook