Selasa, 11 September 2012

Her Twin Brother

This short story by Yamilla Abraham (the creator of many yaoi OEL) caught my attention when I was reading the excerpt. And after finished reading it, there's just one thing that I regret.... it's too short! I want more angst, more romance.... and more interaction between those two! Oh, a belated warning, this story is about gay romance. That means romance between two males. So if this is not your cup of tea, you can stop right here and read my other reviews ^__^

Now, we're getting to the good part. This story opens up with the sad state of a guy named Heath, an active policeman who just recently widowed. His wife died after battling a cancer. He seemed listless, didn't have any energy to do anything. Until one morning when he received a call from his friend in the police force, saying that his brother-in-law, Abel, is in trouble. Abel is his wife's twin, so it's pretty hard for Heath to see Abel, since it reminded him so much of his wife. When he got to Abel's apartment, it turned out that Abel was a victim of domestic violence from his live-in boyfriend. Abel is out of the closet, so everyone know he's gay, including Heath and his friends. They also know that Heath and Abel only had each other in the way of family. When it happened the second time, with Abel had to be treated at the hospital, Heath asked (read: ordered) Abel to stay with him at the house as long as his ex-boyfriend is still on the loose. Long story short, Heath finally realized that he loves Abel the way he loves Abbie, and that's the most important thing. So he went to search for Abel to tell him that he loves him and bring him back home.

I love how Ms. Abraham wrote the progress inch by inch, showing us readers how their love (especially Heath's) evolved from roommates to lover. This is one short but sweet story that left me pretty satisfied at the end. Like I said above, the only thing that does not sit well with me is how short this story is. I want MORE! XD

Rating: Yum Yum Yum Yummies
Format: ebook