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Driving Mr. Dead

Whew, time does go by so quickly. I haven't got the time to update this blog :( But now I'm here and ready to rock! :D

This time I'm reviewing a book from one of my newest favorite author, Molly Harper, Driving Mr. Dead. The setting of this book, Half-moon Hollow, actually linked with another series by Ms. Harper, the Nice Girls'  series, but it's a standalone book, so you don't have to read the series before reading this one.

Driving Mr. Dead is just a novella, so the length is only 160-ish pages, but how I wish it was longer! The heroine in this book is Miranda Puckett, a twenty-something woman that hasn't found her calling in life, since her callings usually cut short by disasters. She has tried many jobs before, including as a magician assistant (accidentally set fire on the magician), a photographer (again, fire ruined her studio), and this time as a chauffeur for Beeline, a premier vampire concierge service. Her job is to take vampires from point A to point B in a car she dubbed the Bat Mobile, in the daylight, while the client is "dead to the world".

Her first task is to pick up one Mr. Collin Sutherland from his home in a rural area (read in the forested land) and drive him to Half-moon Hollow, where he needs to give an important item in the suitcase to the head of the vampire council in town. Sparks do fly when they first met, but that's because Mr. Sutherland is a very picky man that sent a 16-page contract to Miranda's boss about what can and can not be done along the way, like only playing classical music when he's awake, prepare a warm type A just after he's awake, no littering whatsoever in the car, the speed limit is 65 mph, and the list go on and on and on.

Along the way, the sparks of dislike changed into sparks of interest, as they trade life stories and beginning to understand each other's behavior. Of course that happened along with quite a few mishaps, mishaps that drew them even closer. I love how Ms Harper made the process go slowly, so we can feel that it's natural for them to be attracted to one another, not just lust at first sight, but a deeper understanding of one another.
Well, let's just say that those mishaps include a Z-cup boobs, a couple of thieves masquerading as two good Samaritans, and a credit card confetti (of the wrong card).

I listened this story from an audiobook, and in my opinion, the narrator does a very good job. Sadly, this book only have a Kindle and audiobook version. Hopefully, in the near future, they release this story in print. For now, I'll just wait for the next book by Ms Harper, The Care and Feeding of Vampires, the story of Miranda's boss and owner of Beeline.

Rating: 5 gooey chocolatey smores!

Until we meet again!

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