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The Dragons of Dorcastle

Title: The Dragons of Dorcastle
Series: The Pillars of Reality Book 1
Author: Jack Campbell
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Format: Audiobook

Romeo and Juliet in an alternate universe. In this story, Alain is a very straightforward mage that was taught to suppress his emotions and consider all other beings as shadows, something that was not important as mages. While Mari is a highly skilled Mechanics that was also taught that Commons (ordinary people) are beneath their notice as they cannot do what the Mechanics do. In this competition of power between sorcery and machinery, where Mages and Mechanics are told to hate the other, an attack on a caravan brought Alain and Mari together for a short while, wary at first, but learning that the other side is not as it seemed as what they believed.

I really like this story, got swept by it, and couldn't put it down until it ended. I love how Mari patiently taught Alain the basics of human relations and how Alain never look down on Mari just because she's a young woman. This meeting marked the first change in their world, something that had been brewing for some time, something they both didn't realize at that time.

5 Very Lovely Smores

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